water H3OM M=Mother


When 3, 6 and 9 join the universe creates; Here is the thetahedron the formula of the water molecule According to the idea behind structured water, the vortex of water allows it to retain energy. Presumably, this energy then recharges the body and hydrates it more thoroughly than normal drinking water. The chemical formula of water is H2O, which means that each water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The formula for structured water is said to be H3O2. But the chemical formula of water has always been H2O. A different chemical formula would indicate a different substance that chemists have not identified. Proponents of structured water claim it has a unique hexagonal shape. But the water molecules are in constant motion. This means that its structure changes frequently.So I will give a presentation on mother water which I have given the name H3OM, M = Mother meaning of the word water and I will demonstrate some simple experiments that can help and better understand water.

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10 Dec 2021 (19:30 PM - 21:00 PM)

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Dorotea Lofino

Naturopath ; freelance Art performances ; researcher and passionate about everything that resonates with me ! For about 20 years I live in nature in the countryside (organic farm) with the sea nearby, we are surrounded by the beautiful and unique millenary olive trees  the true art of nature !