A brand-new payment platform

A new form of internal payment is coming soon for HUESA community. It is a more convenient and beneficial way of making transactions.

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eSa payment


With the creation of WellneSSera, you have a whole new experience for signing up, making payment and attending live stream events and online webinars. Although the current platform has met the expectations of many participants, it still has some drawbacks when making online payments with credit/debit cards or Paypal.

Dependent on intermediaries

Some transactions still have troubles with payment via Paypal or credit/debit cards.

Not supporting internal transactions

Unable to support donations or sponsorships amongst participants.

High fees

High transaction fees if paying via cards or Paypal.

No Financial Incentives

No options for financial accumulation or savings to attend livestreams or webinars.


New solution - eSa

We, the founding team of WellneSSera platform, would like to introduce a new intra payment method, which is the eSa Points System.

eSa is a fully integrated digital payment solution on WellneSSera platform, which can be used for:


For signing up to livestream events & webinars on WellneSSera.


For exchanging between users within WellneSSera platform.

HUESA Pocket

For subscribing to use HUESA Pocket 2 application.

How to use eSa?

With the introduction of eSa payment, every user of WellneSSera will have their own account called an eWallet. This eWallet is used to store eSa points that users can acquire in different ways.

feature 1

Acquiring eSa

Buy directly with credit/debit card or Paypal.

Receive bonus points or donation from WellneSSera.

Receive points donation directly by another user.

feature 2


Keep track of eSa points accumulated in eWallet.

Track eSa point transactions via eWallet.

Transfer or receive points from other users.

feature 3


Pay for events on WellneSSera with eSa.

Pay for HUESA Pocket 2 app with eSa.

Pay for all future HUESA products with eSa.

Easier & more economical when signing up for events and courses.

The Esa Points System will minimise transactions fee that is charged by the banks. If your bank does not process transactions in AUD currency, there is usually a transaction fee. For example, if you are making a transaction of 1000 AUD, (18.000.000VND), you will be making a larger payment than 18.000.000VND due to banks collecting transaction fees and a currency exchange fee for oversea payments. By spending a one-time sum of money and converting it to eSa points, you only need to make one transaction instead of having to make multiple transactions every time you make a payment.

The risk of payment failure for each transaction is reduced. As with eSa points, we will not have to rely on other payment intermediaries.

There is a discount up to 10% of the total cost (depending on the event) when paying with eSa instead of using cards or Paypal.

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Anyone now can self-register and pay.

Many elderly students who are not proficient in using credit/debit cards now can receive eSa points from other fellow students and pay back them in cash or use domestic bank transfer.

After receiving eSa points, the student can register for events with his/her own eWallet without the need to use credit/debit card or Paypal.

Sharing and giving points between users is easier than ever.

The eSa points system will enable students to provide financial support for other students to attend webinars regardless of their geographical location (for example a student in Canada helping a friend in Africa). This was not previously possible due to international bank transfer restrictions.

With eSa points, now you only need to transfer eSa directly from your eWallet to your friend's eWallet.

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about 2

Savings and long-term financial advantage

Allow participants to have savings when attending programs and future activities on WellneSSera.

On the launch, some promotion will be applied. You can buy eSa points packages to receive bonus points.

Gold package: buy 5000 points get 8%
Silver package: buy 1000 points get 5%
Bronze package: buy 500 points get 3%