The Energy of the Bosnian Pyramids and Quantum Energy Field

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we, the people, proudly though that we knew our own history, but new findings both on the surface of the planet and in the ocean`s depths have shown us that our knowledge is very small, our ignorance infinite. Now, we have a chance to learn more about our superior ancestors who lived in balance with nature, creating perfect energy machines which still work, with some ancient technologies...
some new discoveries in the last two decades are completely changing our understanding of the beginning of human cultures. And when the beginning is changed, all that follows must be changed as well.
what are the pyramids?
what is quantum energy field ?
what is our true nature as energy beings ?
ilcho nikolovski and andrea raviolo will try to give you some answers of those questions in 2 hours lecture, so please join us to learn together and apply our new knowleedge in our daily lives.
we thank you
we love you

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16 Oct 2021 (18:00 PM - 20:00 PM)

425/1000 attending

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The physical body of the person with the name Ilcho Nikolovski was born in Macedonia, ex Yugoslavia, Planet Earth… the Soul incarnated in this body, here and now, was always interesting in energy, human energy, energy of the nature, energy of the Pyramids, energy of Tesla technologies, which have positive influence on human health... one day The Mind started asking many questions about our life, our health, our purpose of being here and now, and decided to start searching, learning, applying...this searching of the Mind, guided by the Soul, brought the the Body in the school of Human Universal Energy in 1999, where many questions were answered, thanks to MD and Co...but still many new questions appeared and need to be answered...the spiritual searching continue...